Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Digetive Syestem

This term the year 5 & 6 extension group have been working on what parts of the digestive syestem do what. First we were thinking of a way to solve a problem that was mainly in africa can you guess what it was ?......... thats right dirty water that they have to drink. I drew a powder that makes dirt sink to the bottom of what it is in. My part is the large intestine with megamind on it.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


August fifteenth a big day for Auckland........... It snowed. Well we don't get snow annually it normally comes once or twice each century. Or if we are lucky three times. You south islanders might be thinking we are making a huge fuss about it but it is so cool .

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

R.W.C 2011 Immersion Assembly

“IRELAND” cheered Mr J as we entered our Immersion Assembly. Out appeared Mr Somerville with an All Black jersey. I mumbled to my friend “I think I know what we are learning about this term.” “Me too” he replied. I couldn't wait for the teacher's Immersion items to begin.

Our turn came, team 4. We didn't have to go up because ours was a spectacular ...... movie . It was very funny because Mr Somerville, as famous former All Black George Nepia, had to ref his first game. He really did not know how to ref. He caught the ball and got a try himself. I hope I don't play in one of his games we might lose because he might come charging at us and score a try for the other team.

Finally the music started to play and we all walked out splendidly. Can you guess what we are learning about? We are learning about the rugby world cup 2011.But our saying is Keep Your Eye on the Ball.