Friday, September 30, 2011

Saving The Whale

Whale researcher, Michael Fishbach and his family propelled out over the glistening water of the Sea of Cortez in their small dingy making whale observation , unaware that soon they would help keep the life of one of the world’s most magnanimous creatures, a huge humpback whale.

Carefully approaching this magnificent creature, they saw no signs of life. They began to think that he was dead untill it forcefully exhaled sending water spray flying everywhere. They where all full of relief .

As fast as he could Michael quickly dove under the rippling water discovering that the whale was actually caught in a gill net made for trapping fish, but no, this one caught a humpback whale that weighed about 50 tones- that's nearly 50,000 kgs.

They furiously pulled and cut the net. At one point the whale thought it was free and pulled the boat about half a mile from there remaining spot that only took 30 Minuit's. The whale finaly tired and stayed there. They started to cut again.

Finally they finished cutting. With a sigh of relief they all screamed “yeah” and happily followed the whale.The whale swam away but stopped at about 5 meters away.

It started to give Michael and his family a big thank you show. With about 40 breaches and lots of tail and pectoral fin slaps, it finally said good bye and swam away.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Duffy books

This is my book that thank you to bucklands beach lions club kindly donated to me. It is about bad weather that efects the whole world. Did you know some winds held up an intermediate student.

This is a book called the rescue. But I haven't read it yet but i'm sure it will be a favorite book.another big thank you to THE BUCKLANDS BEACH LIONS CLUB.


As I walked outside the wind was blowing. As we neared the breeze we could hear people in the hall. Suddenly it got louder and louder as we got closer to the hall. I peered around the corner and saw room 16 playing badminton. It sounded so fun.

There was a lady standing there and we had to come and sit down in front of the stage that Mr J was working on for the production. She introduced her self and her name was Lorene. She was our teacher for badminton.

Energetically we all jumped up and ran to get a racket. "I guess This is were the fun begins" I suggested in my head. We all rapidly sprinted to the bin filled with shuttles and grabbed them with great difficulty as people piled around to get one. She told us to hit it in the air as many times as we could. With ease I hit it in the air a multiple number of times.

She shouted "shuttles" we came and sat back down. I felt awesome and a little tired.I cant wait to go today.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cross Country

"Ready to go room 14”exclaimed Mrs squires. “Sure but where are we going miss” I replied. “Cross country of course” she answered “ooo” I mumbled.

We all ran to the hard courts to get into our lines . As we sat down each group said their cheers. Our team was Takitimu. We are the yellow team.

We all nervously walked down to the start line “ready set go” Mr Burt shouted this was when we all sprinted to the course. I actually jogged so that I don't get drained of energy so fast . I was still full of energy until we reached the 1 k  mark across the muddy bridge I strolled. This was when I started to walk. My lungs were screaming.

At this point I was determined to reach the finish line although it was still 1 and a half ks to go. That's nearly two thousand metres. This course was really long and really dirty  with  a lot of shortcuts and narrow paths. I took some shortcuts of course. I smiled for all the cameras as I ran past them. Nearing the bridge I sprinted for the finish line. It was only 50 metres away.

“Wooh” I shouted as I ran through the finish line. I think I came 10th.