Thursday, December 8, 2011

Net Book Reflection

In term one 2011 we got to buy net books.The best thing about having net books is that we dont only do work on it but can also play games. We have improved a lot in maths because we have a math whizz account which means we get to practice in a fun way. Editing our writing is another positive. If we need a dictionary we just search up dictionary and use that instead of getting up walking over to the shelf to get the dictionary and look for the word. Its so easy to get rid of your mistakes, you just press delete.

The only thing wrong with having netbooks is that at times there are problems that we can’t fix Luckily we have Nevyn, he is our technician guy. Another problem is that a few people use their net books in the wrong way such as going on facebook and social networks.

Despite  those negative things net books are much better than books. If we had to go back to paper I would be very very sad.

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