Friday, May 27, 2011

20hr Famine Go Blue Team

Some of the students at Pt England school are participating in the twenty hour famine to help the people on the other side of the world and to get a taste of what it feels like for them because they are very skinny and that have been hit by natural disasters. We are doing it tonight. I entered the twenty hour famine because I want to raise heaps of money and go hard out for the hungry, if you raise the most money you're the bomb.
Every two hours we get to drink some just just juice and have one or two barley sugars .If you are in the blue team then make sure that you raise over twenty dollars to donate because were only doing it for twenty or forty hours but imagine going with out food for weeks.

Pt England School Immersion Assemly

“So mate I wonder what were learning about this term?” I said to my friend “Wow I think we are learning about mad scientist because look at Miss Burne and her team”. As Miss Burne and her team approached the stage an enormous beaker popped out. She and her team tossed a multitude of ingredients in to the gigantic beaker, and out exploded a bubbly soap bar. The soap was Miss Walters. Miss Lavakula rapped to baby baby baby wash your hands while the other teachers were spraying water out to the crowd. At the end of assembly I mumbled to my friend “I think we are learning about bigger better faster stronger”.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Learn How To Swim

It is essential to learn to swim especially in New Zealand because we are surrounded by multiple number of fatal beaches and rivers in New Zealand. To be a successful swimmer you need to know these key tips they are have cupped hands and to do steady strokes the breathing position is with your head on your arm and roll to breath make sure you are very buoyant and not to be submerged under the water. You need to coordinate all these movements and remember to always have a powerful kick.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Created Creature

At Point England school our inquiry this term is Bigger ,Better, Faster, Stronger. Team 4 are inventing some really cool things, so I designed a new animal on Hyperstudio. Hyperstudio is the programme that I used to create it.

I did not draw this creature I put images and created this horrendous , hair raising head that lives in rivers around Australia but is covered in feathers, and we only eat his torso. His legs are from a creature that provides us with milk and the males hate red and have horns.

Can you guess what three creatures I have mingled ? If you think you do please leave a comment and guess what three animals they are and then I will put the picture on this post on 06/05/11.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Papa Watties 80th

I guess you are wondering who is Papa Watties is, he is my best friend Poitiki’s papa not mine .For his birthday we went up north to celebrate.
When we got there I looked out of the window and I saw the fattest pig ever. I thought we were going to put it in the hangi but no, he was just a guard pig. He was really freaky but after patting it I didn't feel so afraid.

The next day my family came up, that was the day that we had the hangi for Papa Wattie’s birthday .

When the birthday started he said to my uncle Kahui “Son son son come up here.” Uncle Kahui went up to the head of the table and said his mihi followed by Potiki’s younger brother Teina and his older sister Maia saying the blessings on the food. Finally came the time when we got to eat. I went straight to the dessert table while everyone was on the opposite side getting all the lunch.
After a huge, delicious feed it ended and we came back down, and I felt splendid .