Friday, December 21, 2012

Fun Times

Holidays are supposed to be fun right. If your holidays are boring then keep reading and if you are over 30 then you can give this a go but you probably won't succeed.

These are the things you will need:

  • soap (essential)
  • water or hose (essential)
  • trampoline ( extremely essential )

I am going write a step by step guide for some super awesome bright holiday fun.

  1. remove any sharp or hard bits of the tramp
  2. pour water on and soap up the tramp
  3. get on slip around and just have fun
Here is a clip of me playing on my tramp

Monday, December 17, 2012


What am I ? I am a small black digital device, I have a keyboard and a mouse pad , I let people share their work with the whole world . Most students at Pt England school have me.

You guessed it I am a netbook. Well I am a year six at Pt England school which means I am lucky enough to get one of these magnificent devices. Netbooks are so awesome ,because not only can we learn from our teacher but all our friends ,sharing docs it takes one minute but has a huge impact.

We can now do any work at home ,which allows us to catch up on work so we don't get in trouble.If we want to ask questions or communicate we can e-mail.

We are really into movie making which is a real downer because there are no animating programs. Even if we did have an animating program we couldn't really animate with a trackpad

Sometimes the internet crashes ,which is not good at all for us, because all our work is online so we have to work offline but there is not as many programs as the internet.

I really want a class printer so that we can do art and be creative not everything digital. that would be a great solution for our drawing. So it looks like an awesome drawing.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tree Lighting

“Hurry up Dad Mums waiting and we’re gonna miss the bus to the annual telecom tree lighting”
I exclaimed. We arrive in the school car park Mr Burt says “pick  any bus they are going to the same place I jump on the bus in front . Guess what ? Telecom provided both buses and we didn't even pay anything.

Pulling up by the big telecom building we were greeted by an awesome lady who goes by the name of Courtney. She gave us one bag each full of dinner ,and their was about seventy people.
She then walked us to Victoria park which was the place with the big Christmas tree it was huge it was one of the first things to catch my eye.

We were escorted to a certain area so that they could make sure we were doing fine. There were two phone booths that read talk to Santa I raced to the end of the line ,when I finally got in I wished for an i-pad well actually 65 of them a scooter and a huge candy floss maker YUM YUM YUM: ).

About an hour after that that awesome new boy band played Titanium. I thought they were in a studio like their voice was being edited as they sung. After that I went up to one of the singers and got one of his glow sticks.

Next one of the men from Siones wedding cracked some jokes with Santa and finally lit the tree up.I watched it get lit it was so awesome there was a ball at the top that looked as if it was spinning. We all then caught a bus back to school and eventually we went home.

There were many highlights that night but the thing that I thought was kind is that that whole night was free Thanks to telecom. I really want to say a huge thanks to telecom for that wonderful night.