Sunday, December 5, 2010

Immersion Assembly

Assemblies are always fun but this one was different! It was an immersion assembly and this means it was a theme assembly.

As I sat down in the hall, a sound echoed in my ear. Then I saw Mr. Burt and I realized that the hissing sound was coming from him but his name was Mosquito Man.

Then there was Mr. J dressed up as Mega Moth. He got chased by Mr. Burt.

I hope we have another assembly like this.

Digging up Loot

Commanding the men to bury the forbidden loot, he realized that he needed to locate his ships. While the men were burying the loot, the captain was busy building a raft to find his ships. He took some men with him and after all their hard work, they eventually found the ship. Digging up the loot, they carried it on board.

Mysterious Parchment

Along the golden, sandy beach, a boy was walking his dog when he discovered a leather wallet peeking out of the sand. Anxiously opening the wallet, he found two pieces of folded parchment.

Tremendous Screams

Long, long ago, there lived some great fishermen who were unable to catch any fish because something was stealing their bait. So they set off to the sea to hunt it down.

Bursting out of the water, the octopus clung to the waka tossing the people everywhere. So Kupe bolted out of his seat and slashed at it as everyone on this waka let out tremendous screams. The final slash at it killed it.

He hoped it would never happen again.


After several weeks, Mrs. Jarman said to the teachers, "We are finally go ing on our trip to One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie)." When Mrs. Barks told Room 12, we danced around full of joy and laughter. So on Wednesday we got into the bus as quick as a wink and so happy!

Getting out of the bus, I skipped along the path. We met by a little park with a big tree which is as tall as a giraffe. The tree was apparently 100 years old. We had a little play at the park and my friends and i rolled down a little slope.

Happily we got up and started to walk up the hill. On the way, we saw freshly shorn sheep grazing on the landscape. When we reached the summit, we could see a spectacular view of Auckland.

We all said to Mrs. Barks, "Can we go to the crater?" Finally we got to go into a real crater with volcanic rocks that had been used to spell names. My friends and I made a castle with the scoria rocks.

I felt so tired when it came to the end of the day. I felt so lucky because I got to go on a trip.

Disaster Animation

Electrical Sparks

I am learning to add more detail to the beginning of my sentences... I have written one here that describes a scene shortly after an earthquake.

Minutes after an earthquake, buildings are crashing to the ground while power lines are snapping and electricity is sparking.

Doggie Walking

Last night when I was watching T.V., mum said, "Let's go doggie walking." So I jumped up and got my gum boots on because it was raining. Leashing the dog, we met our auntie outside her house with her dog Nike.

It wasn't the best walk because I had to pick up the disgusting poo. I have never had to pick it up before so I blocked my nose - otherwise I would have fainted. I chucked it in the bin.

Arriving at the League Club very late with the dogs wagging their tails faster and faster, pulling harder and harder, jumping as high as they could, we let them off their leashes. I was so suprised at how fast Nike was and I got thrashed by a puppy!!

Goey Jelly Lava

Answers for Ms F and the Digikids

Hot as a Chili Pepper

It was a hot day on Wednesday so room 12 marched outside to lie on the grass. But when I laid down on the field, I thought I had pins and needles for a while, then I realised that it was just the grass. I could hear the clicking sound of cicadas and the birds singing sweetly. It was very, very peaceful outside because no body was talking. Then Mrs. Barks said, "Get up, we're moving over to the shade." When we opened our eyes, we saw clouds - all shapes and sizes. If you were there, you would have seen the wind blowing them aimlessly across the sky. If you listened very carefully, you could hear sounds of distant traffic. I heard some branches snapping every now and then. I felt the hot sun beating down on us and if it wasn't for the breeze, I would have been as hot as a chili pepper!

South Island Trip

My South Island Trip

On December the sixteenth, Point England School finished. I was so excited because it was the holidays! On the next day, we packed all of our bags and off we went. I said, bye to Auckland. When we arrived at Palmerston North, I jumped on my best friend Potiki when I saw him. Later on that night there was a big storm and it was raining very hard. Before I went to bed, their cat Clyde scractched me because he didn't know me very well. It hurt and I couldn't get to sleep. Finally I fell asleep because I got really, really, tired.