Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our New Puppy

January 15 was an awesome day for my family ! Because since our old dog died my sisters and I have been begging for a new puppy. This christmas our dreams came true,we now have a cute choclate labrador in the house.

His name is Beau. Beau is cute,playful,funny and very curios. He is now nine and a bit weeks old. Beau has heaps of needle like teeth , a very bad habit of chewing on anything that he can get a hold of ,he has a high pitched bark and the stinkiest farts.


  1. Most of Beau sounds very cute!
    It's so good that you got him in the holidays when you have time to play and care for him.

  2. A fitting description my boy - I love his curiousity and am amazed how quickly he is learning! I think his bark is more of a yap at the moment but luckily he doesn't do that very often!!
    I can see he is going to be a great companion for you!

  3. What a beautiful puppy Isara!
    How big will Beau get? Does he like going for walks?
    Do you have a strategy to get Beau to not chew on your netbook? Does Beau have a chew toy?
    Where does Beau sleep?
    I look forward to your next blog post and some more pictures of Beau, your curious and cute dog :-)

    1. Hi Tabitha

      Thanks for commenting on my blog, I reckon that Beau will grow up to be pretty big and he should start to like going out for walks soon. But at the moment we kind of have to drag him along with us. To be honest my strategy for keeping my netbook safe is probably to put it in a draw, although he might just leave it alone since hes got millions of toys. Until he gets older beau sleeps inside his cage wich sits in the corner of the living room . Do you have a pet.



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