Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why Do We Have Easter Eggs

Why do we celebrate Easter with Easter eggs . Is it because of jesus dying or maybe the earth was hatched from an egg on the 29th of march it could all just be a myth but there is one quite reasonable reason.

The egg is a symbol of birth life. So maybe the first thing that jesus saw was an egg when he came to life (because he was born in a barn). Hen lay eggs so do lizards and many more animals and when they hatch a new life is made. So I think it is fair to say that an egg is a great  symbol of life.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Motutapu Earthquake

In Motutapu there was a 3.9 magnitude and 3.1 magnitude earthquake  The question now is Will there be more. Gloria and I here explain our experiences. Did you feel it?

Surfing Dog

Surfing dog
1. Have you ever seen a surfing dog?
2. Before midday, Scooby (the lion dog)goes for his first surf.
3. On top of the white fluffy waves Scooby stood on his board.
4. Bravely Scooby's owner stood him up on the blue surfboard.
5. Skilfully riding his first wave, the dog tightly gripped the surfboard.
6. Floating over the blue sea, stood a billabong sponsored dog.
7. Paddling with his right paw, Scooby came into shore.
8. Strange and unique is the best way to describe my dog.
9. "Wow look at that surfing dog" said a kid that was on the beach
10. "Aboard the surfboard" said Scooby's owner.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Life Theory

People are cool we own the earth but why were we made, was it to love care die or just live life by ourselves. Our lives have a time limit 122 years and 164 days max so what do we do with life. Here is my theory. We are here for a reason to help others, to lend a hand when one needs it. Because if no one was here with you what's the point who would make dinner for you ,you can’t just rock up to KFC and ask for 2 buckets of original chicken. You might as well just die. But there are people around ,so all your life just be kind because if you're happy everyone around you is happy

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My 100 Word Story

Finally the holidays are here, I thought to myself. Pouring my cereal, the pitter patter of  the nutri grain competes with the thunder outside. Worst start to the holiday ever. “Get in the car we are going to the supermarket” exclaimed Mum. I hopped in the car, but the seat belt was jammed so I just went along with it . Driving along the wet  road, with windscreen wipers at full speed, suddenly the car stopped. As it crashed into a blue Ford, shards of glass went flying in every direction and that was the end of me, myself and I .

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rods Night At Work

What is this mysterious round object Rod thought as he dropped his cup through it .
After stealing a chocolate bar Rod peered around and saw a door that lead to a safe full of money.
Inside the safe rod sat weeping and knocking the walls of the bullet proof safe.
Cunningly, Rod walked around  looking for ways to get in to mischief .
With ease Rod grabbed bundles of money out of the safe.
Walking towards the vending machine Rod took no notice of the safe of money.
Putting his hand through the paper he wondered what it was.
Dark and round the black circle sat on a blank paper.
"I never should have crawled through the paper" weeped Rod.
The black hole fell of the safe.