Monday, November 24, 2014

The Tatau

 In year 7/8 extension we have been investigating the art of tatau. Tatau is a Samoan tattoo which men get. The tatau starts at the waist and stops at the knees most of the time. It is supposed to be a symbol of strength and pride.

Last week we were privileged to have Mr Tele'a come in to our class and show us his tattoo. He came in and answered our questions that we had about the tatau. He was very helpful giving us a lot of information.

We now have to create our own two tattoos one is to represent our culture and one to represent ourselves. I have currently only completed one and i'm working on my culture one. keep posted to see my tattoo design 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fire Pit Cooking

Last week all the year 8s went to camp in rukaka at Marsden Bay Christian Camp.
I am going to explain how to do one of our camp activities which was cooking eggs on a fire.

Step 1. Find an orange and 2 eggs.
Step 2. Cut the orange in half.
Step 3. Scoop out all the orange so you end up with two empty halves of an orange ( you can eat the orange if you want).
Step 4.Empty the eggs into each half of the orange.
Step 5. Wrap it up with aluminium foil.
Step 6. Place the package on the fire. The ideal place to put it on is in bright orange embers.
Step 7. Take it off the fire. If you want the yolk runny you can leave it on for 3 min or if you want the yolk hard leave it on for 5 min.

Unwrap the egg and if you want you can eat it straight out of the orange. Serve with salt and pepper. ENJOY!