Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hot as a Chili Pepper

It was a hot day on Wednesday so room 12 marched outside to lie on the grass. But when I laid down on the field, I thought I had pins and needles for a while, then I realised that it was just the grass. I could hear the clicking sound of cicadas and the birds singing sweetly. It was very, very peaceful outside because no body was talking. Then Mrs. Barks said, "Get up, we're moving over to the shade." When we opened our eyes, we saw clouds - all shapes and sizes. If you were there, you would have seen the wind blowing them aimlessly across the sky. If you listened very carefully, you could hear sounds of distant traffic. I heard some branches snapping every now and then. I felt the hot sun beating down on us and if it wasn't for the breeze, I would have been as hot as a chili pepper!

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