Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Isara Walking To The Pools

Strolling down the road two cars zoomed past creating an echo in my ears. Room 14 were walking down to the pools for our regular daily swim. Approaching the doors they driffted open, they must have sensed my beautiful body coming towards them.

I ran into the dressing rooms and got dressed.I charged at the pool and sat down on the edge. “Get in," shouted Mr Somevilile. Diving into the pool I glided gracefully under the water. It felt like someone was stroking my hair as I glided throught the smooth water. 

Hitting the surface I coordinated some movements they were steady strokes and some furious kicking. As I got into the breathing position I suddenly swallowed a gulp of water. Reaching the halfway mark I was determained to get to the end . I bobbed my head up and started to cough and splutter.

Exiting the pool I was on my knees with shocks of cold slithering up and down my spine.

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