Monday, September 12, 2011

Cross Country

"Ready to go room 14”exclaimed Mrs squires. “Sure but where are we going miss” I replied. “Cross country of course” she answered “ooo” I mumbled.

We all ran to the hard courts to get into our lines . As we sat down each group said their cheers. Our team was Takitimu. We are the yellow team.

We all nervously walked down to the start line “ready set go” Mr Burt shouted this was when we all sprinted to the course. I actually jogged so that I don't get drained of energy so fast . I was still full of energy until we reached the 1 k  mark across the muddy bridge I strolled. This was when I started to walk. My lungs were screaming.

At this point I was determined to reach the finish line although it was still 1 and a half ks to go. That's nearly two thousand metres. This course was really long and really dirty  with  a lot of shortcuts and narrow paths. I took some shortcuts of course. I smiled for all the cameras as I ran past them. Nearing the bridge I sprinted for the finish line. It was only 50 metres away.

“Wooh” I shouted as I ran through the finish line. I think I came 10th.

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  1. I'm sorry I missed your great finish Isara! It sounds like it was a great Cross Country course this year.
    You'd better start training so you can keep up the pace next year!
    Love Mum x


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