Thursday, April 26, 2012


What did you do in your holidays ? Well I went to my cousins birthday to celebrate 2920 days of his life. He suggested I go Rock-Climbing with two of his friends.

Arriving In the car park we noticed that all the parks were full and that we had to park on the road. I jumped out and stretched and said “YAY” .I trotted towards the huge building that said Rock Climbing, I was looking forward to this.

Entering through these huge doors I was stunned to see  the structures that people climb, and some of them go upside down. I went to the counter, strapped  on my harness and sprinted to the wall. They hooked me up and I was off.

Touching the top of the wall I shouted “hooray” and as slow as a snail I let go and slid back down. Touching the ground I rubbed it in my cousin's face but when he tried he did it just as fast as me.

“Ok its time for dinner” My aunty shouted we raced to the bathroom washed our hands.Guess how many pizzas my uncle ordered ? Eight whole pizzas for nine people that's nearly 1 pizza each.

We packed up and went back home with one pizza each. I hope he invites me to his ninth birthday.

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