Thursday, July 19, 2012


Swifter, higher ,stronger the motto which all olympic athletes stand by.The whole point of the olympic games is to give it your all . This motto encourages him or her to just focus and do their best. So actually every olympic athlete is a winner even though they didn’t win.

Months before the games the flame is lit by the sun's rays in olympia greece to keep the tradition going . It is then carried by relay through many cities. Then to reach the place where the olympics will be held.

On the day of the olympics the torch its run around the stadium. It will continue to burn through out the games . But it  is extinguished at the closing ceremony.

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  1. I can see you're really in to finding out all about the Olympics Isara. Do you know the name of the Temple where the Olympic Flame is ignited?
    I always love seeing how they light the flame in the Stadium during the Opening Ceremony. I wonder who will carry the Torch on the final leg of the relay?
    Keep up the great writing and make sure you proof read carefully before you post.
    Mum x


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