Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush

“Grab your crossbow son we are going hunting” exclaimed dad. “Where are we going?” I replied. “Just get in the car”. I’ve never liked going hunting so I didn't want to go but dad forced me.

He was acting weird while he watched the news this morning. Apparently there was a wave of deer running northwards up to a forest named fananga pu pu, meaning death trap in french. Nobody knew why these deer were running in a big pack up there but dad just took it as a good chance to hunt. I jumped in the car for a day I knew I wouldn’t forget.

We drove for hours through the hottest of desserts the coldest of mountains and the longest forests. I started to get a craving for food , “dad where is the lunch bag” “a good hunter doesn't need lunch” he said with a bad grin on his face I knew he had forgot it. “We are nearly there” I saw a sign reading “fananga pu pu two kilometres”.

We pulled into a driveway leading to a path. “Get out what are you waiting for your magic pumpkin to take you to your dance with cinderella”. Dad knows I hate his jokes.Dad told me to stay on the footpath many times.I never do though Without any warning I took of chasing one of the deer I ended up in the middle of nowhere I started to stress. I called out “help help” but there was no reply I checked my phone no signal.

Night had fallen I was nowhere to be found. I made myself comfortable and dozed off. I woke up untouched that morning dad would have sent a search party for me . I heard people shouting Isara Isara I felt so relieved that they had found me I shed a tear or two. Hugging dad I said “thank you thank you”.

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