Monday, December 17, 2012


What am I ? I am a small black digital device, I have a keyboard and a mouse pad , I let people share their work with the whole world . Most students at Pt England school have me.

You guessed it I am a netbook. Well I am a year six at Pt England school which means I am lucky enough to get one of these magnificent devices. Netbooks are so awesome ,because not only can we learn from our teacher but all our friends ,sharing docs it takes one minute but has a huge impact.

We can now do any work at home ,which allows us to catch up on work so we don't get in trouble.If we want to ask questions or communicate we can e-mail.

We are really into movie making which is a real downer because there are no animating programs. Even if we did have an animating program we couldn't really animate with a trackpad

Sometimes the internet crashes ,which is not good at all for us, because all our work is online so we have to work offline but there is not as many programs as the internet.

I really want a class printer so that we can do art and be creative not everything digital. that would be a great solution for our drawing. So it looks like an awesome drawing.

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