Monday, March 18, 2013

Surfing Dog

Surfing dog
1. Have you ever seen a surfing dog?
2. Before midday, Scooby (the lion dog)goes for his first surf.
3. On top of the white fluffy waves Scooby stood on his board.
4. Bravely Scooby's owner stood him up on the blue surfboard.
5. Skilfully riding his first wave, the dog tightly gripped the surfboard.
6. Floating over the blue sea, stood a billabong sponsored dog.
7. Paddling with his right paw, Scooby came into shore.
8. Strange and unique is the best way to describe my dog.
9. "Wow look at that surfing dog" said a kid that was on the beach
10. "Aboard the surfboard" said Scooby's owner.

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