Friday, April 5, 2013

Apply The Sauce

Sunnyside  Beach year 3024 ,Spongebob and Patrick decide to go for their first surf. “Wooh” screamed Spongebob as he tipped over. Splash! “Oooo” Patrick muttered as he thought of a daft plan. Patrick reached for the bottle of glue, he thought to himself “I’m not going to part from this board”.  Squirting the glue onto his board, he barked “apply the sauce”. At last, surfing the elephantine wave, it directed Patrick towards a size XXXXXXXXXXXXXL rock. “Rock! Separate! Separate!” he shouted. Hitting the rock with a bang, his skeleton flew through the air and plunged into the sand (head first), the skin followed. The skeleton uttered to the skin " I like your sandals"responding to his compliment he whispered, "thanks we're inseparable".

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