Friday, June 21, 2013

Shang Haig's Adventure

Climbing the treacherous cliff,  Shang Haig hung on to unsteady rock. Gripping the rock with one hand, his muscles ached and ached as pulled himself up. Shang Haig  was determined to reach the Dojo. Finally he stood on steady ground. He could see the dojo in the distance. Although Shang Haig was fatigued he persevered and kept trudging along until the dojo was right in front of his eyes.  

Staring at the solid hefty door, he nervously knocked. Shang Haig could hear the footsteps of Sensei John. Opening the door sensei did not look happy as sensei mumbled “HUH!” and pointed to his right. Shang Haig was sad because he felt rejected. he thought he needed to meditate to get the sensei respect.  So he meditated day and night. Shang Haig took a peek and sensei was standing in front the doorway and pointed away again and slammed the door.

His head and shoulders drop and Shang Haig once again trudged away.  He turned around with anger clenched his fists and   Shang Haig was prepared fight sensei John. Sensei pointed to his right again and all along he was just pointing at a sign.

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