Monday, July 1, 2013

Spoken Word

Today Joshua Iosefo talked to us about Spoken Word. Spoken Word is talking to an audience .Today we had to write a sentence that we would say to the whole world here is my sentence.World remember me because I exist and I am awesome and my name is Isara .We also learnt that our voice is valuable so whatever you say means something even if its nothing its still something. We had to share our sentence with the class and then say why we wrote that. We then to express our feelings with the class so what was on our minds and there where some interesting things going around but I actually learnt a bit of random but cool stuff today.


  1. You were lucky to have Josh come and work with you - I love your words and I know you are awesome my boy!
    Keep letting your voice be heard
    Mum x x

  2. Thats are awesome!! Random sounds pretty cool. This Josh guy sounds interesting doesn't he?
    Keep up the great work.


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