Wednesday, November 6, 2013

David And Roxxie

“David take the dog for a walk” Ema exclaimed. So David grabbed the dog leash, got Roxxie the riled up rottweiler hooked up and took him for a walk. They left off towards the forest, strolled along the dry dirty track which led up to the dark forest.

Roxxie dragged David along ,as Roxxie weighed 10 kgs more than David.  They got deeper into the forest the winds started blowing harder, branches fell off trees and Roxxie pulled till the leash nearly snapped. David Felt scared and nervous. All of a sudden there was a whisper “David David” the dog stopped heaving  .David spun round and round looking for someone whispering his name, When really it was Roxxie. Roxxie could talk!

The winds died down and Roxxie stopped whispering . David was relieved because he just thought he was delusional , he thought it was just the trees whistling in the wind. But really he had a talking dog. David and Roxxie  then made it back to the house without a care in the world.

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