Monday, December 1, 2014

My Tattoo Designs

This term we have been studying symbolism. We had to create our own two tattoos one is to represent our culture and one to represent ourselves. Go to the link below to see me designs.  


Incase of an emergency and the presentation does not work here is what is in the presentation.

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  1. Malo lava le fa'asoa Isara. I enjoyed reading through your interactive hyperstudio stack. I learned a lot about your family and it's cultural background. I like your humour around your sisters and the love of basketball in your family. I hope this exercise was helpful in finding our more about the rich culture and heritage your family belongs to. These really are taonga that you will if not already learn to holdfast to in the exciting paths that lie ahead for you Isara. Ia manuia lou lumana'i.


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