Friday, March 23, 2012

Best Camp Ever !!!!!

Year 5 and six camp was the bomb ! There were millions of activities and you would never be bored .What makes it even better was that I was a leader.

My favourite activity was top teams challenge, not only because we won, I was one of the people who helped others who kind of struggled.That's what made it so fun.

One incident that was really hilarious, was when we were out kayaking. Some people without doubt, did not know how to do this. There were monstrous crashes and some people even managed to tip their kayak over ,and I don’t think that Mr Burt was very impressed about it.

My goal for the year five and six camp was to be a really good leader and come up with a fantastic dance.So I really worked hard on that and I think I achieved that goal.I thought that I was a good team leader and I recon that our dance was awesome because everyone was cheering for us.

Now that camp is over I am so bored.I am really looking forward to going to Kawau Island at the end of the year.

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