Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Best Trip Ever

Manukau Institute Of Technology Meets Pt England Ambassadors. from SchoolTV on Vimeo.Guess what we did on the 22nd of march.We went to M.I.T. to speak to a group of teacher trainees.Wach my movie to find out more.......

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  1. Hi Isara

    Your visit to Manukau Institute of Technology last Thursday, to present to a group of teacher trainees, was my year. I recognised some faces, that was quite funny. Unfortunately I'm not with that great group, otherwise I would of been part of the auidence, listening to your awesome presentation with the rest of the Pt England Ambassadors. If I had known that your group was presenting at the campus site, I could of possibily sneaked out from a lecture and give moral support and vocally cheer you guys on. Woo Hoo Go Pt England.

    Kind Regards,
    Taulagi Teleso (Aidans Mum)


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