Thursday, August 2, 2012

Swimming Medly Relay

...In a medley swimming relay there are four people that do four different strokes. They must (or they will be disqualified ) do it in this specific order,backstroke,breaststroke,butterfly and freestyle.

The first person has to swim to the other end and back that is 100 meters. Then when he comes back the official will tell the next peson when to jump in.So the aim is basicly to swim fast.

Tight,light,and streamlined is the type of clothing you need for a fast and furious swim,there are a few things that are also compulsory that is cloths.If you wear tight clothing it will decrease the drag. But there are a few things that aren't actually cloths that swimmers wear ,those things are swiming caps and gogles

If you want to be in this event you need to be fit and have big lungs and train 6 hours a day.Big muscles helps the arms to go faster which means a faster swim.

I think this sport is a very fun to wach and to play .

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