Monday, August 6, 2012

The Day Before Tommorow

Boom the earthquake hit tsunamis coming from each end that I could see.The end of the world happened everybody was dead but not me because I was in a bullet proof,earthquake proof everything proof bunker. I waited five hours in my underground bunker but only to make sure that the end of the world was finished.

I came out of my bunker finally I could see light . Praise the lord I shouted this time homes where busted even my house but my car  was in great shape because it was in the force field that I created it covered everything i wanted I covered the white house mcdonalds this awesome shop that has so many lollies and the movies and much more.

I went to mcdonalds and made me a big mac with extra mayo and five paties it was delicios then I flew a plane to america and went into the white house. Then i went to the gym and played on the bouncy trampoline.

Then suddenly beep beep beep my alarm went my mum shouted get in the car were going.I got my self to school and that was my night.

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