Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill

I think that the heart attack grill should not be able to open a restaurant in G.I,auckland. in my opinion Glen Innes already has enough fast food restaurants .

first of all their food is disgustingly unhealthy , their fries are deep fried in animal fat (LARD) and you are aloud as many as you want. The burgers are literally dripping with fat and none of us need a burger 8 patties high.

He is using obese people to promote his restaurant.His food actually killed his spokesperson because he was willing to feed him as much as he wanted for free. People over 158 kg eat for free as many times as they want, which is basically killing people.

The owner of the restaurant is promoting obesity through his food.The restaurant offers as many fries as you can stuff in your mouth, sugar and fat, fat ,fat.                                  

The counter argument is that the man that owns the restaurant (John Basso) thinks that he is giving a positive message to the public.  I believe he is just making fat people more fat and eventually killing you. Is this place a restaurant  or a murder scene.

So it is a strong no from me, and i'm sure at least 75% of the people of G.I will agree. John Basso should definitely not be able to open up The Heart Attack Grill in G.I.

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