Thursday, December 12, 2013

Action World

FRIDAY LAST WEEK WAS AWESOME because we went to action world a fun filled place filled with many activities big and small from a trampoline to a trapeze. and guess what our whole year group got to go.

Our first activity was the jump n slide I was the first one on it and i did a front flip. On my second turn I did a huge back-flip fail and just about landed on my head. Later on I mastered the backflip.

Not long after that they opened the jousting bridge. I grabbed the plastic pole with big fat pillows on the end and before you new it i was on the bridge smashing my sister. I hit her once and I hit her twice and the third time I hit her it was lights out Sina.

So overall it was a great day at action world. I cant wait till i go next time.

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