Monday, December 9, 2013

Nelson Mandela

July 18th 1918 was the day that nelson mandela a man with a great heart was born. He believed that black people were just as intelligent and worthy of being leaders as white people.He just wanted people to be people as a group not white people       and        black people he just wished for equality and after a long life he achieved his goal and this is how.

At the age of seven nelson attended his first school in Qunu here he lived an alright life.But his life took a turn for the worst when his dad died from a disease called tuberculosis mandela was only 9.

After he graduated from uni with a bachelor of arts degree he was sentenced to prison for treason which means he was going against his country when really he was fighting for equality. Unfortunately that means going against whites.

After 27 years of sleeping on a 1cm mattress with a bucket as a toilet he was released. later on he became the first black president of RSA. he merged black people and white people together as one nation.

unfortunately mandela died on the fifth of december 2013.he has made an impact on many people in the world and that is mandellas story.

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  1. Nice tribute son. Yes its a sad day for everyone of whatever colour or ethnicity. The world has lost a great leader. Can you think of anyone else that has made a similar impact at the global level or even in our local community? Dad


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