Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

Amazing nots today it is 50 knots and the forecast is very nasty . The cyclone is category 1 and the winds are making the most of it and some houses are down .
Where did this strong wind come from ,reporters all around new zealand are saying it came from the north pacific where fiji and tonga is around there.

They say it hit the north island first before it started to come down . Cyclon lusi is second tropical cyclone rains and winds .On that weekend it was pouring with rain the wind was extremely strong. Flipping over trampolines and basket ball hoop lusi was ruthless. Even though the winds were not as strong as expected.

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  1. Hello, Isara. My name is William Taylor; I am a physical education major, at the University of South Alabama. I had the opportunity of reading your blog post, and I found it to be very fascinating. You did an incredible job of describing the conditions of Cyclone Lusi. I pray that nobody was hurt, and hopefully the houses and families affected will be provided with relief.
    South Alabama is located in Mobile, Alabama. Do you know where that is on a map? Mobile is a port city on the Gulf Coast and we are known for our seafood, Mardi Gras, and, unfortunately, we have had our share of hurricanes. So I understand what it means to experience heavy rain and high winds. I very much enjoyed your post and I am excited about reading more of your work.

    Have a fabulous day,

    Signed. William.


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