Monday, April 14, 2014

FIa Fia

I waited at the steps ready to go on stage and start of our 2014 FIA FIA night. I was extremely excited when the lights went up. Tyla , Gloria, Wyatt and I walked onto the stage and opened up the night. As we were the MC’s for the evening.

There were many other performances before our one. Because I was a MC I was not as shy as the other performers so I just felt extremely excited. But for the other performers the tension was building as they watched others.

We were next ,we rubbed oil on our bodies made sure our lava lava were tight and readied ourselves. Waiting next to the steps my friends were nervous and I have to admit I got a little fright when Wyatt (the MC for our performance) said “take it away senior samoan group”. I walked up the stairs and was blinded by the shining lights on my face .We did our performance and it was over in a flash.

If I were to sum the whole night off in one word it would be Fun. I had a great night that day and to finish it off MCDONALDS for dinner mmmmmmmmm delicious.


  1. HI Isara. I am really enjoying reading your writing from all the way over here in Spain. Fiafia night sounded fantastic. I can imagine you and your friends were great MCs. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing!

  2. You really have captured the essence of the night Isara - good job. You were a fabulous MC. and made us proud with your performances. Awesome job my boy!!
    Mum x


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