Monday, August 25, 2014

Storyline Tour

This week on thursday 28th of august 2014, our extension group is going to the Vodafone events centre to attend the storyline tour. We will be listening to a variety of authors but I will be focusing on one particular author named Catherine Mayo. Cath writes books for a wide ranged audience 13+. Cath was born in a  Catholic maternity hospital in Auckland. She is also a musician able to play violin playing in a band called Gentle Annie.

If I were to ask her a few questions they would be
  • When you first started writing what kind of genre did you write about.
  • If I wanted to get into writing professionally what would be some good advice
There will also be other authors like Paula Green who focuses a lot on children's poetry. She was also born and raised in west auckland.

Another author that will be there is Jill Mac Gregor who focuses on different cultured kids books. Jill lives in the Kapiti coast where she was also a teacher for many years.

Juliette Mc Iver will also be attending the tour. Juliette tought english in between jobs in wellington.

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