Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Commonwealth Games

The All Blacks sevens had never lost a game in the commonwealth games until 2014 when they face the south African springboks. At 8:35 New Zealand time 28/7/14 was the the start of a devastating game.

New Zealand was receiving at the start but not for long as the south Africans put their heart and soul into the game. it was a tough game both for the NZers and the Africans.

but unfortunately New Zealand came out second best as the whistle was blown. The score was New Zealand 12 – 17 South Africa the streak was broken.

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  1. Awesome report of the event Isara! My best friend was playing for New Zealand in that game so you can imagine how upset they were when that final whistle was blown!! There are some minor things missing that can help improve this post such as capital letters for South African and at the beginning of sentences but overall this is an interesting post to read! Looking forward to reading more!
    Arizona :)


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