Thursday, May 26, 2011

Learn How To Swim

It is essential to learn to swim especially in New Zealand because we are surrounded by multiple number of fatal beaches and rivers in New Zealand. To be a successful swimmer you need to know these key tips they are have cupped hands and to do steady strokes the breathing position is with your head on your arm and roll to breath make sure you are very buoyant and not to be submerged under the water. You need to coordinate all these movements and remember to always have a powerful kick.


  1. Wow nice writing Isara. You're right it is an essential skill as we are surrounded by so much water here in NZ. I think it might be better to say our beaches and rivers are potentially fatal.
    No doubt you'll be posting a fabulous swimming animation really soon :-)
    Love Mum

  2. WOW! Isara that a very cool writing about swimming keep up the great work.


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