Friday, May 6, 2011

Papa Watties 80th

I guess you are wondering who is Papa Watties is, he is my best friend Poitiki’s papa not mine .For his birthday we went up north to celebrate.
When we got there I looked out of the window and I saw the fattest pig ever. I thought we were going to put it in the hangi but no, he was just a guard pig. He was really freaky but after patting it I didn't feel so afraid.

The next day my family came up, that was the day that we had the hangi for Papa Wattie’s birthday .

When the birthday started he said to my uncle Kahui “Son son son come up here.” Uncle Kahui went up to the head of the table and said his mihi followed by Potiki’s younger brother Teina and his older sister Maia saying the blessings on the food. Finally came the time when we got to eat. I went straight to the dessert table while everyone was on the opposite side getting all the lunch.
After a huge, delicious feed it ended and we came back down, and I felt splendid .

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  1. Nice recount Isara, you were lucky to go and spend an extra night at the marae with the whanau weren't you!
    I thought you might have talked about what you got up to with your friends when we went out.

    x Mum


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