Friday, May 27, 2011

20hr Famine Go Blue Team

Some of the students at Pt England school are participating in the twenty hour famine to help the people on the other side of the world and to get a taste of what it feels like for them because they are very skinny and that have been hit by natural disasters. We are doing it tonight. I entered the twenty hour famine because I want to raise heaps of money and go hard out for the hungry, if you raise the most money you're the bomb.
Every two hours we get to drink some just just juice and have one or two barley sugars .If you are in the blue team then make sure that you raise over twenty dollars to donate because were only doing it for twenty or forty hours but imagine going with out food for weeks.


  1. Yeeeah - go Team Blue - hope you're having fun my boy!

    x x

  2. Thats cool i like the blue team to but you should fix up your spelling on just juice


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