Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starry Starry Night

What do you think starry starry night by Van gogh is worth? Well it is worth 140million dollars . It was painted in 1889 in France

When I looked at Vincent’s very famous piece I thought I was there . It ls so realistic because it seems as if it’s moving.The brush strokes on the painting are bold which gives it a nice flow.

In the sky there is a beautiful koru like pattern. I stared at the koru I realised that there wasn't only on colour there was many others. But when I paint I normally use one main colour.e picture

The two things that even out the painting are the church steeple and the cypress tree.
These balance each other out like the bright sky and the  gloomy village.

I sure wouldn't pay anything near 140million dollars even if I had that kind of money.


  1. Hi Isara I liked your story about Vincent Van Gogh. He is an interesting artist. The trees look real and the hills look cool. I would pay for that.

  2. This paragraph does expand on the one idea- what you think and feel when you look at Van Gogh's painting. I can see why you have a 4/4 in that rubric line.
    Having a variety of sentence lengths and complexities might be your next goal (I see you marked it with a 3/4).
    Keep thinking about what makes an effective paragraph when writing Isara.


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