Friday, May 11, 2012

Swimming Is Awesome

“Woo Hoo Were going swimming get you togs everybody” I shouted . I was soo excited that I just wanted to sprint down the street.But unfortunately we had to be sensible and walk.

Entering the pools the smell of chlorine hit my nose faster than a bullet . We ran to the changing room got changed and we were out in a zoom.

Our first activity was a test to tell what group we were in.I got put in group 3 which is the highest one.jumping into the pool I was so pleased.

My favorite thing about that day was getting to know that I was in the highest group.Most of the people in that group were girls but me and my friend wyatt were the only boys.

The next day was all about kicking and breathing . Guess what I swam 3 quarters of the big pool without breathing. I think I was the best at holding my breath.

I like swimming because I always come out happy. Next time I am going to try swim the whole pool without breathing.

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  1. It sounds like swimming lessons have been amazing this term. I wonder if you will be able to swim a whole length without breathing? I hope your technique is improving, keep enjoying the water.
    Mum x


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