Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunflowers By Vincent Van Gough

Do you have enough money to buy vincent van gogh most well known painting ? Probably not unless you 50 million dollars to spare. This painting is called sunflowers it is 73 x 92 centimeters big and from tip to toe was made with oil paint  it was painted in 1888.

This painting was soo thick and textured he had to give up food to buy enough pain for it .Sometimes he didn't even use a paint brush he used a knife. If you had a chance to touch his painting it would feel like a pile of rocks.

Most people think that he was happy when he painted this.The yellow on his painting represents happiness. His main color is yellow when he first started painting he used dark colors.

When I look at his painting I think that it cheers people up.But if you look closer you will see that some of the flowers are dead.But a lot have just grown some are even old.

When he was painting it I think that he was always thinking about his friend Paul Gauguin and what his room would look like.He wanted his paintings to impress his friend.

If I was Van Gogh and was still alive I would have a mansion and all the latest stuff.

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