Friday, June 29, 2012

The Bill

There once was a boy called jamie. He was very dumb he can't spell at all. But he loved toys ,a bit like me.

 He was bankrupt with no money, but he wanted to get some walkie talkies, but they were 50$ . So he had to come up with an idea.

He sent his mum a bill with all the jobs he does for his mum, which funnily added up to 50$  just enogh to buy the walkie talkies.But that doesn't work .So his mum sends a bill back to him but its not really a bill because because he doesn't need to pay anything for all the nice stuff she does for him.
so he decides to send the bill to dad so he still gets his walkie talkie.

I wish I would get that much money. But thats not my life.

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