Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Can you guess what im writing about they are huge animals a type of primate the male is a silverback and they live in africa ? Yes they are gorillas. The biggest primate in the familly .

Gorillas natural habitat is tropical forests or sub tropical but only in Africa.Most gorillas live in lowland swamps except the mountain gorilla they still live in forests but up high in the mountains. They can reach an altitude of 2,200–4,300 metres that's pretty high.

Did you know that the gorilla is a relative of the human but even closer to us is bonobo or the common chimp.The DNA is so similar to a humans it is 95-99% well it depends on what you're judging.
Gorillas live in a group called troops there is usually only one silverback (male gorilla) in a troop. However there is multi male troops but that is not too common.Male gorillas are called silverbacks because of their beautiful silver hairs on their back that comes from maturity. They also have larger teeth which also comes from maturity.silverbacks sometimes leave their troops to mate  with females and make a new group.

Gorillas maneuver around by knuckle walking but they also walk for short distances standing up while carrying food or as a defensive position. Adult males can be as tall as 1.65- 1.75 meters in height and can weigh up to 200 kgs. But female gorillas are normally half the size of males. Some gorillas are obese and can weigh 270 kgs that's 600 pounds.

The eastern gorilla is darker coloured than the western gorilla but the darkest of all is the mountain gorilla and they also have the thickest hair.Thats 3 ways to identify the differences between gorillas.The western gorilla has a reddish forehead and grayish hairs.So make that four ways.

Did you know that gorilla have nests ,they use it for night use and day use.They can be as big as 1.5 meters thats nearly as big as a doorway. I know what your thinking how does it hold such enormous weights well gorrilas are so smart that they actually plans it out.

So thats why they are my favourite animal.I wish I had a pet one.


  1. I like the way your introduction orientates, as well as hooks in your audience. I was wondering if we could work on the sentence construction though...
    Your question is
    Can you guess what I'm writing about?
    The next part are a list of clues (a different sentence)
    They are huge animals, a type of primate, the male is a silverback, and they live in Africa.

  2. Wow Isara you did do alot of finding out! I thought you might have included that your Mum and Dad have been up close and personal with the Gorillas in Uganda! I love Gorilla's too, it's a shame they have become the target of poachers. Did you read anything about a lady who spent years studying and living close to the gorillas?
    I hope you're going to take Ms Garden's advice and do a little bit of recrafting.
    Mum x


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