Thursday, June 14, 2012

Van Goghs Skull

Have you heard of Van Gogh? Yes he is the famous artist and last week we had to blend like him and do his style.I attempted to paint a painting called Skull (1887).

When I compare my painting to Van Gogh’s, I was aware that the blending is quite like his and that the colours aren’t tangled (because that’s not his style). So I’m very proud of that. The deep brush strokes look so dark which brings out the light colours.

The shape of the skull is another thing Im proud of  because the black outline . It makes everything feel much brighter.

I think the mood is death because the skull is part of the skeleton and it means someone's dead.
When I look at the painting I also feel sad.  I dont know how he  did it but his painting is so sad.

I am not happy with the teeth because they are too small. And they don't look real but I think if I thinned the lines out it would be perfecto.

I am very proud of myself because my work looks very similar tro Van Goghs.I think that I might
be related to him.

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  1. Wow Isara I think we have a budding artist in our fanau!! Your work is outstanding and I love the thought you've put in to comparing it with the real thing. I'm pretty sure we're not related, but I'm hoping you'll be as famous as van Gogh one day. Keep up the fabulous work my boy!!
    x x


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