Monday, September 10, 2012


Weekends are full of fun stuff .Guess what I did in the weekend ?I went over to the school with my dad to play Basketball and play around with the ball.

The reason I went with my dad was because he is my basketball coach .I go around to the school about three times a week. But sometimes he doesnt want to go so I go by myself. Every time I go I try to improve my shooting so I try 100 shots every time.

Sometimes if i'm lucky some of my sisters may come but that has only happened once or twice.I always try to get more people to come such as .My Mum ,My Dad and all three of my sisters..

At school most of the boys come to basketball training. Our aim is to go to AIMS in year eight and win if we are lucky.Next week we play our first basketball tournament ,yeah.

Basketball is one of my favourite things to do.Overall basket comes out in second place.

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  1. So what is NUmber 1 Isara? I can't wait to see you boys take the court for your first game next week. I wonder who your opposition will be?
    Keep practising.
    Mum x


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