Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sea Attack

Sitting on the bank I watched my friends play on the rock. It was the summer holidays. We went to Piha beach in the morning. The waves crashed on the rocks creating a white fluffy substance. My mum was at the dairy buying ice creams for us, so we were not under supervision.

My friends (Jake and Josh) looked like they were having a bunch of fun playing in the water. So I decided to give it a go, but when when they got out I felt as if I was not alone. I saw somthing peer out of the water.It had three eyes it looked like a jelly fish but it was not. I screamed in terror “ahhhh”. Jake and Josh watched the sea monster tear off my leg. I was shouting, “help help”.

Jake ran to the lifeguard tower telling them to get a speed boat and guns to shoot this ugly monster.Josh watched me get smashed as it took my other leg. The life guards finally started frantically shooting the monster.

It died. The fight was over the lifeguard pulled me up and got me onto a stretcher.They rushed me into hospital. My mum saw me and put her thumb out to the ambulance. She hopped in and tears ran down her eyes. I was permanently disabled to this very day.

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