Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Hungry Wave

Getting ready for school in their house. There it was rumble “mufuie” which means earthquake

The ruffling and tumbling earthquake was over but when Anna went to school she  saw the sea going out wards. Then a big tidle wave came ana ran back to the fale (house) and told every one to run tsunami .

Niko and Sna ran leaving their family behind. Ana got caught while Niko was on the other side of the mountain she looked back at the destroyed village. Niko on the other hand was sitting on a stable branch wacing the water flow near his feet.

In Samoa. anna's mum sina and her two brothers niko and mika threw themselves to the ground.
Out popped a head. Ana he shouted! Holding her hair he pulled her up. She thanked him alot and gave him a huge hug . Luckily for her village no one died but not so lucky. That night they slept on a woven mat.

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