Monday, March 3, 2014


Enormous waves huge rocks and huge amounts of people can u guess what I'm talking about.
Piha - world famous in New Zealand for its huge waves, and guess what I went there. Not by myself of course I went with my uncle and my friends, Rocky,Wyatt and Uili.

We went to Piha on Sunday morning and it was awesome .While we were there we watched a dog dig up a hole and a gigantic wave came and smashed it, it was funny. There was one wave that was about 2 meters tall, the hooter went and we all ran up the beach. It just about pushed me over but I stood my ground as the wave went back out and it looked like I was surfing. So overall that was an awesome day.

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  1. Thank you Isara for sharing your experience of Piha with me. I agree with all your comments about what an awesome beach it is.


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