Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Holiday

“Bring your boxes down” I ran down stairs and put my boxes in the garage. “Can you help me I need to pack the car” “why” I replied “because were moving”” OOOOHHH thats right”.

“Dad when is the truck going to get here” “I dont know” he replied as the truck came up the drive I shouted “dad the truck is here”. Finally they got out of the truck and got straight to work. I wached them chuck the couches of the deck to the other people on the truck.When they got about half way another truck came and three more men jumped out to come and help.

They drove to my new house and unloaded the truck, I felt so exhausted I jumped on the couch and watched TV.


  1. How exciting, I know you have been looking for the perfect house for a while. Can you tell me what ir's like - do you have your own room?

  2. I love your picture of our new fale Sala! I thought you could have added a bit more detail about all the trucks arriving and the men unloading at such a great pace.
    It's great to see you still managing to post with only one hand to type though.
    Nice job my boy.
    Love Mum

  3. Great photo of our house was pretty tiring moving that day wasn't it? You did lots of hard work. No long before the cast comes off, then you can do some more great drawings. Love Dad


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