Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mornings

I am learning to write an introduction that hooks in my audience. Here are 3 versions. Which Monday morning do you like best and why?

1. "Really, another Monday morning! Did you know I need about nine to ten hours of sleep each night? So be quiet alarm" I think as I hit the snooze button. "Beep Beep" it goes again. "Fine, I'll get up this time." Entering the living room every one just stopped and stared. I hate Monday mornings

2. “Beep beep beep” went the alarm. I woke  up and put on my uniform. With my eyes still half closed I went down stairs and started munching on my weet-bix. I don't like Monday mornings

3. "Oh my gosh, could you be any louder?" I thought about my alarm. Literally still half asleep I went down stairs. Trying to aim into the bowl, I poured  my cereal and completely missed it. Oh man, another Monday morning.


  1. Hi Isara its Howard I liked your third paragraph.
    Because is was really funny.

  2. Hey Isara,

    I loved your third paragraph.

    I liked it because your writing had good punctuation. Also when your said aiming for the bowl was hooked in!!!

  3. I think you've used exaggeration effectively in your third paragraph Isara, nice work.
    x x


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