Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I like drawing
But I dont like blunt pencil

I like weekends
But I dont like school days

I like ice skating
But I dont like falling over

I like capsicum
But I dont like salad

I like gumboots
But I dont like mud

I like sports
But I dont like losing

I like strawberries
But I dont like roting ones

I like dogs
But I dont like poo


  1. Hi Isara,

    that is an interesting poem you wrote. The funny part of your writing is when you wrote about liking dogs but you didn't like there poo. I liked your writing very much. Keep the good work up!

    From Uili

  2. Hello Isara,

    I like how you made your poem about yourself. I don't like losing too in sports. Good use of descriptive words too! Keep it up.


  3. Hi Isara,

    That was a very funny post you have written. Maybe you could re-read your post, as there is one little tiny mistake. I do get it which is good! Also I love your descriptive and interesting vocab. Keep it up!!!



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