Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The School Picnic

How many people do you take to a normal picnic ?1,2 or maybe 3 but the Pt England picnic had  over 600 people. There were so many people that  if you were in a plane would think we were a colony if fire ants roaming around . This is an annual thing but this year it was even bigger than all the other ones.

When we were aloud to play I ran to the bag full of balls and grabbed a soccer ball.I gathered people from around the park and asked if they wanted to play soccer.We finished the game not even knowing who won.

After that we sat down and ended up eating so much I think I put on a kg or 2.I had a peach two nectarines a plum and some chips.After that I just lay down and relaxed.

At the end of the day I was so exhausted but happy. Thank god its the week end I went home and played PlayStation.


  1. Hey what a great Hook Isara - nice work! I thought you might have mentioned having dad at the picnic for the first time ever.
    We were lucky to have such a perfect day for the picnic weren't we.

    Love Mum

  2. I think you are mastering those introductions, what a great hook.
    That word 'aloud' is a tricky one, the word you used means 'out loud'. I think you mean 'allowed'

  3. That was great your whole story was awesome. I liked it when we played soccer and then went back to to the picnic spot and relaxed.

    Fantastic work Isara


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